Micha Rosenbaum

A man sitting on a couch, working on a laptop.
Here I’m reading, writing or communicating. Or all three combined.

This is a small page with some information about me – Micha Rosenbaum. Are you more interested in my opinions? You can find those in my blog.


I’m a software developer. In love with the web and my wife Lisa. I live in Hamburg. Jesus saved me – I worship in the Christus Gemeinde Bramfeld.



Current PGP Public Key

ID: 0x 7694 EB9B (Download and check its fingerprint)

Wondering what “PGP,” “Public Key” and “Fingerprint” means and how it works? Please check the Email Self-Defense guide by the Free Software Foundation.


(Mobile) Phone

Please send me an email if you need or want my phone number.

Snail mail

Erntingweg 9a
22179 Hamburg

Erntingweg 9a at OpenStreetMap


My most important website is my blog: Plasisent. Consider everything else secondary; including the following lists of third party silos.

Where I am active

Where I am not active


I work at the CODE MASCHINE. Views expressed here – and in all of my online identities – are my own.