What I’m doing now

The months beginning with August 2020 to probably February 2021 are dominated by two big projects:

  1. My bachelor’s thesis on conflict-free replicated data types.
  2. Leadership in the youth ministry of my church.

Additionally an ongoing smaller project is an overhaul of my trusted system, mainly inspired by the podcast Deep Questions with Cal Newport. That includes: Switching from Emacs and Org Mode to Todoist ✅. Taking control of my time (planning days ✅, weeks 🚧, quarters 🤷). Implementing a personal mind-gardening or knowledge management workflow 🚧. Tracking time ✅ and other metrics 🚧 using the Ledger CLI and Emacs. Improving my health by doing some streching and exercises every day ✅ and going for a walk outside at least once or twice a day 🚧. Spending more time in contemplation by building a deeper prayer life 🚧 and reading more (spiritual) books 🚧.